At Transitions of Wisconsin, we are happy to offer a full range of wigs. We have some available here in our studio and can also order out, ensuring a wig that meets each client’s specifications. Our selection of high-quality women’s wigs includes options in all colors and styles. Truly, we have wigs to meet every taste!

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Reallusions Wigs

With a timeless sense of style and a contemporary flair, Reallusions wigs provide an enduringly popular option for women experiencing hair loss. Transitions of Wisconsin is pleased to offer Reallusions products, which come in a range of colors and styles; you can find a wig that fits snugly and looks perfect on you, with guidance from our wig specialists. We delight in offering this storied line of high-quality wigs to our clients in Milwaukee and beyond.

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Women’s wigs are wonderous things. They can be fashionable and fun, elegant and alluring. They provide the perfect solution for women with medically-induced or temporary hair loss and we are pleased to provide a full range of high-quality women’s wigs in our Milwaukee salon. Find out more by making an appointment with one of our wig specialists. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!