Hair loss can happen to anyone—and whether you see it coming or it catches you by surprise, it’s certainly never welcome. Far too many women and men arrive at the conclusion that thinning hair is just something they have to live with, that nothing can be done. Our message at Transitions of Wisconsin is that hair restoration is always possible, and we can provide the solutions to make it achievable.

For decades, Transitions of Wisconsin has been a leading name in hair restoration. We started as stylists, way back in 1965. Immediately it became clear to us: A lot of people in Milwaukee struggle with hair loss and don’t know where to turn for help. We began immersing ourselves in the latest and greatest hair restoration options and have prided ourselves in being on the cutting edge ever since.

Today, we own Milwaukee’s top hair restoration clinic. Men and women alike can find the expertise they need, as well as a full spectrum of clinically proven hair loss solutions. We take pride in offering each client a customized solution, one that’s chosen to fit their specific hair loss needs. Ultimately, we believe that hair restoration is attainable for anyone; we’ve yet to find a case we couldn’t resolve!

Our process begins with a consultation. These consultations are FREE, and we offer them in a private and relaxed studio setting. During these sessions, our stylists can use special cameras to see what’s going on at the micro level of your scalp. This can sometimes clue us in to what’s really causing your hair loss. From there, the Transitions team can walk you through some possible solutions that we think will fit your needs.

The solutions we offer are numerous. We are proud to provide men and women alike with custom hair solutions, which offer a full, healthy head of hair without the need for surgical intervention. For those who desire a hair transplant, though, we can assist with that as well.

Some clients come to us faced with temporary hair loss—perhaps due to chemotherapy or another form of medical treatment. For these clients, we are happy to offer a wide array of beautiful wigs, providing a quick and elegant approach to hair loss.

We’re also passionate about trichology, the field of dermatology that pertains to the scalp and the follicles. Our stylists can provide a rich assortment of customized trichology solutions and scalp treatments, from medicated products to laser hair growth therapy, all of which can help you combat the underlying causes of hair loss.

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No matter the cause and no matter the extent of your hair loss, it is possible to look and feel like yourself again. That’s the message we deliver to men and women all over Milwaukee. If you’re ready to take the first step toward hair restoration, we invite you to contact us today. Schedule your appointment for a FREE consultation at Transitions of Wisconsin.