Hair Loss Prevention Program
10 / 16 / 18

Benefits of a Hair Loss Prevention Program

Is there a cure for hair loss? The answer is a little bit complicated. While there is no ultimate, underlying cure for male or female pattern baldness, there are steps that can be taken to minimize hair loss, stopping it in its tracks before it progresses too far. These steps are available to our clients through a customized hair loss prevention program, which might include a range of medicated hair loss products and laser hair therapy.

Hair loss prevention isn’t likely to do much good for someone who is already experiencing extreme hair loss. For those who catch their thinning hair or receding hair line in its early stages, or who know that genetic hair loss runs in their family, it can offer immense value.

Here are some of the primary benefits.

Hair Loss Prevention Improves Your Scalp Health

The most obvious benefit to a hair loss prevention program is that it minimizes your hair loss—but how?

The short answer: By improving the health of your scalp. Often, hair loss is rooted in an unhealthy scalp condition. Your follicles need a clean environment in which to generate hair growth, and anything that compromises your scalp health can ultimately contribute to hair loss.

Thus, one of the best ways to reduce your risk of hair loss—and with it your risk of dandruff or of an excessively oily head—is to improve scalp health. A hair loss prevention program can do that.

Hair Loss Prevention Minimizes Your Need for Further Intervention

At Transitions of Wisconsin, we always tell our clients that there is always hope for hair restoration. No matter the cause or the extent of your hair loss, we can always find the right solution—whether that’s a hair system or surgical intervention.

As effective as those solutions are, however, many clients would just as soon avoid them—and sometimes, hair loss prevention allows for that. If you seek treatment early enough, you may be able to curb hair loss enough that no further interventions are required.

Hair Loss Prevention Helps You Determine the Cause of Your Hair Loss

When you join us in our Milwaukee studio to discuss hair loss prevention, we’ll ask if we can do a quick evaluation. This is painless and non-invasive; we simply use a special camera to take micro-level pictures of your scalp and follicles. It can be helpful to us as we try to determine some possible factors contributing to your hair loss.

It can be helpful for you, too. If the underlying issue is something related to diet or lifestyle, for instance, you can make some changes and potentially avert hair loss altogether. And if we think you have genetic hair loss, that at least gives you a better sense of what you’re up against and what your expectations should be.

Hair Loss Prevention Can Help You Enjoy a Full and Healthy Head of Hair Again

These benefits are all noteworthy, but at the end of the day, people choose our hair loss prevention plan for one basic reason: They want individualized solutions to ensure a full, healthy head of hair and a natural-looking hairline.

When you come meet with us at Transitions of Wisconsin, we will talk with you about what hair loss prevention entails, and recommend some solutions that are customized to fit your needs. We can also walk you through any further hair restoration options as needed.

The process starts when you come to Transitions of Wisconsin for a consultation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your free hair loss consultation.