Women have a number of hair restoration options available to them. One of those is a hair transplant. Here at Transitions of Wisconsin, we are proud to offer surgical hair restoration for women and are happy to advise you on whether surgery is the right option for you.

The first step is meeting with us in our Milwaukee studio, where we’ll provide you with a FREE consultation. During this relaxed, one-on-one talk, one of our friendly stylists will ask you about your needs and your goals. We may also recommend a quick and non-invasive scalp examination, which will enable us to get a better sense of why you are experiencing hair loss. Our stylist will be happy to answer any questions you may have about transplants.

Hair transplants have advanced quite a bit in recent years. Not only do they offer natural-looking results—including a full and healthy head of growing hair—but they come with virtually no recovery time. Hair transplants are safe and effective.

We don’t perform transplants in our salon, but we will arrange for your procedure to be done by a seasoned hair transplant specialist, in a surgical center here in Milwaukee. We will also advise you on anything you need to do pre-op or post-op to ensure results.

There are different kinds of hair transplant, but they all work in basically the same way. First, a sample of healthy follicles is harvested from the back or side of your head. Then, this donor sample is grafted to the area of your head affected by hair loss.

It is important to have the right expectations about surgical hair restoration for women. You probably won’t see results immediately, and in fact, you may even notice a little bit of shedding. That’s perfectly natural! Within 90 days or so, you’ll start to see some fresh growth—and from there, your hair will continue to grow at a healthy pace.

Hair transplantation is not the only way to receive a full, natural, and healthy head of hair—but it is certainly a viable option and one that many women embrace. We are thrilled to offer access to surgical hair restoration for women across the Milwaukee area—making it easier than ever to enjoy long-lasting hair growth.

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Surgical hair restoration provides women with real hope—hope for a full, natural, and healthy head of hair. What’s more, hair transplants have never been more effective, or offered more minimal recovery times. The first step in your hair restoration process is joining us in our comfortable, private studio space for a consultation. Contact Transitions of Wisconsin today to schedule your appointment!