For some men, the best approach to hair loss is surgical intervention. Hair transplants have advanced considerably in recent years, and now they offer totally effective, natural solutions with minimal recovery time. We are proud to provide surgical hair loss solutions at Transitions of Wisconsin.

The process begins with a consultation. You’re invited to meet with us in our comfortable, relaxing salon space to learn more about what a hair transplant entails. Our stylists will talk you through the process and carefully examine your scalp to ensure you’re a good candidate.

We are proud to offer hair transplants for men throughout Milwaukee. Generally, this option is best for those who have a healthy donor site—meaning a little hair left either on the back or the side of the head. Note that we also recommend surgical hair restoration for those who are 18 or above and in reasonably good health overall.

Though we do not actually perform transplants on-site, Transitions can prepare you for the procedure, and refer you to an excellent transplant specialist whose work we trust. As for the actual transplant, it basically works like this: A healthy donor sample is taken from the back or side of your hair, then surgically grafted to the area where you’ve lost hair.

Initially, that hair will shed—but don’t worry! That’s a natural part of the process. Within a few weeks—usually around 90 days or so—the transplanted hair follicles will begin to yield healthy new hair growth. From there, the hair will grow at the same rate as your other growing hair.

A hair transplant provides a lasting solution to hair loss—and thanks to the most recent advances in transplantation techniques, the recovery time is almost nothing. There’s never been a better time to ask about surgical hair treatment.

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