It’s not uncommon for hair loss to be caused by an underlying scalp condition. In order for your follicles to do their job, they need a good, healthy environment—but if you scalp is too oily, too dry, or has some other issue, that can impede a healthy hair growing process. The good news is that scalp conditions can be remedied, curbing the effects of hair loss. And it’s something we can help you with here at Transitions of Wisconsin.

At Transitions, we are devoted to the field of trichology—the branch of dermatology that pertains to the scalp and the follicles. Through trichology and scalp treatments we can often reverse the effects of hair loss, helping our clients to once again enjoy healthy and natural growth.

It all begins with an evaluation. Using special cameras, we’re able to take pictures of your scalp at the microscopic level—a totally non-invasive way for us to see what’s really going on with your hair loss. This evaluation is performed here in our relaxed and private studio space, as part of our FREE consultation service.

Once we have gotten a good look at your scalp, we can recommend some specific treatments. At Transitions of Wisconsin, we don’t believe in the cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all approach, and we always tailor our trichology and scalp treatments to address each client’s specific needs.

In particular, we can offer a full spectrum of medicated products that combat unhealthy scalp conditions and encourage new growth. These products range from oral supplements to medicated shampoos and topical solutions. All of them are safe, effective, and approved for use by the FDA.

We also have laser hair growth treatments available for our clients—and often, our trichology and scalp treatments work best when used in conjunction with the laser.

No matter the specifics of your scalp condition, there’s a solution that can help you to once again look and feel your best—and our job is to help you find it!

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If you’re experiencing hair loss, the underlying cause may be a scalp condition. Fortunately, the field of trichology provides plenty of clinical options, including medicated products that can return your scalp to a healthy condition and potentially even generate new hair growth. The first step is visiting us in our Milwaukee studio for a FREE scalp examination. Contact Transitions of Wisconsin to schedule your appointment.