11 / 08 / 16

Keeping Your Confidence Up When Male Pattern Baldness Occurs

A full, thick head of hair should be a fundamental right inherent to maleness. Unfortunately, male pattern baldness happens, and you only have your genetics to blame. Don’t make dealing with hair loss more difficult than it already is, especially when seeing loved ones for the first time since your hairline began receding.

Stay Confident

Male pattern baldness takes an emotional toll on most men, and just as it does your hairline, hair loss erodes your confidence quickly. Telling a newly balding man to keep his confidence up is like telling the captain of the Titanic, “Hang in there, buddy, it isn’t that bad,” after his ship struck an iceberg. It is a comment so tone deaf it borders on patronizing.

The onus of maintaining self-esteem during hair loss lies with you. Yes, people will notice, and yes, those people you only see occasionally or over the holidays often notice first. You’ll instinctively want to obscure your burgeoning baldness with hairstyle subterfuge or some other form of trickery. Instead, bald gracefully and take pride in knowing you owned your baldness and didn’t let it own you.

Unless you’re a model, you know hair loss affects little more than your ego – adapt and overcome it. If you worry about how potential partners feel about male baldness, don’t. Self-confidence has more sex appeal than good hair.

Have a Laugh

Few things diffuse stressful situations faster than laughter – something uncomfortable holiday get-togethers can’t have enough of. If you take yourself too seriously, and your holiday discomfort stems from the fear of others noticing your balding crown, you should know that laughter wouldn’t help.

Have a laugh if you feel there’s a big, bald elephant in the room getting in the way of your holiday cheer. You don’t have to go out of your way to draw attention to your baldness, but if the tension affects you tremendously, you’ll find a well-timed quip about your hair has a way of restoring your confidence and good humor.

Love Yourself

When hair loss occurs, you can choose to love the new you, and that attitude starts with embracing your appearance. Don’t beat yourself up about hair loss. No one will punish you as much as yourself – so don’t, and others won’t.

Guys, if hair loss is giving you anxiety particularly around the holidays it’s time to do something about it. At Transitions of Wisconsin we offer proven hair restoration solutions for men. We will determine which hair loss solution is right for you. If you’re interested in scheduling a free consultation, contact us today!