Royal Genetics
05 / 08 / 18

Royal Genetics: Why are Prince Harry and Prince William Balding?

Unless you don’t watch television or don’t get online at all, you’ve most likely heard about the upcoming royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. While Prince Harry was once one of the most eligible bachelors in the world, some might be wondering why he and brother Prince William are balding.

That may not sound like something that is very nice to wonder about, but it’s natural to be curious since both are men of a younger age yet both seem to be losing their hair.

According to some of the sharper eyes out there, Prince Harry started losing his hair in his 20s, with Prince William losing his in his 30s.

What Causes Balding in Younger Men?

While environmental and lifestyle factors can affect the hair or lack of, the reason that some younger men may experience a loss of hair is due to something as simple (and complex) as genetics. According to an article from Stanford at the Tech:

Baldness happens because of the genes people inherit from both their mom and dad. Some studies show that 80% of balding is genetic.

New studies have focused on a chromosome called 20p11 which may play a large part in the genetics of balding and explain how some men go bald even though their parents do not.

Even younger men can experience male pattern baldness. In fact, it can start in some people as young as in their teens or early twenties, and as you can tell, it can affect anyone — from your average person to someone of royal blood.

Some instances of hair loss can be due to medical reasons but for unexplained male pattern baldness, genetics play a major role.

There Is Help Available

If you or someone you love are experiencing male pattern baldness at a young age, or any age, there are solutions that can help to regain confidence.

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Photo Credit: skeeze Via Pixabay