Incorporate Color
04 / 24 / 18

Incorporate Color into Your Prom Updo With Colored Hair Extensions

Feeling beautiful at your prom is important and having the best hairdo possible will ensure that you feel as great as you possibly can. Many people do not realize that they can use their hairstyle as a form of self-expression. You can use colored hair extensions to add color to your hairstyle to make it even more unique. The following guide walks you through a few tips to use to ensure that you buy the right extensions for the style you plan to have created.

Consider How Long the Extensions Need to Be

You need to determine how you plan to wear your hair and then talk to your stylist to figure out how long your hair extensions will need to be in order for them to be able to do the style that you want. You don’t want it to be obvious that you have in extensions, so choosing the right length is important.

Consider the Type of Extensions You Need

Ask the stylist if the extensions will need to be styled with heat in order to create the look that you want. If they do, you need to purchase extensions that are made from human hair. Many of the extensions that are made from synthetic materials cannot be styled with heat or they will melt. Human hair extensions can be styled the same way you want to style your own hair.

You can even have them dyed to any color you want. If you want to have the extensions dyed, take them to your stylist a few days ahead of time. This gives them plenty of time to dye the extensions and allow them to dry before they use them in your hairstyle. There are synthetic hair extensions available in every color, so you can use either option to add a pop of color to a hairstyle.

Consider How the Extensions Are Attached

You need to consider if you want the extensions to stay in your hair for an extended period of time or if you only want them in for a night. If you want to wear them for prom night alone, clip-in extensions may be a great option. If you want to wear them for a longer period of time, it’s best to see a professional and have them apply them for you.

Your stylist will be able to put the extensions into place so that the colors are easy to see, but where the extensions are attached to your head is hidden. You’ll be able to smile with pride because you will know you look great and are showing off your style at the same time.

At Transitions of Wisconsin, our extensions are hand crafted from 100% human hair and our exclusive application techniques won’t damage your existing hair. If you’re interested in scheduling a free consultation, contact us today!

Photo Credit: kaleido-dp Via Pixabay