Chemotherapy and Hair Loss
09 / 25 / 18

Chemotherapy and Hair Loss

It is well known that chemotherapy, a treatment for cancer, causes hair loss. Most patients and their families wonder why. Here is all you need to know about how and why this life-saving cancer treatment can affect your hair.

The Whys of Hair Loss with Chemotherapy

So, why does this hair loss occur? Well, chemotherapy is a powerful combination of drugs that kill cancer cells. However, they also kill other growing cells in your body. This includes the cells in your hair. You may experience anything from thinning of the hair to total baldness including your eyebrows and body hair. Hair loss with chemo is expected, but some combinations of drugs are more likely to cause it. Talk to the medical team handling your case to find out how your specific cocktail is expected to affect your hair, and other side effects.

Does it Grow Back?

Hair starts to fall out after about two weeks of chemotherapy, but it may take a full month for the hair loss to start. The hair usually starts to grow back a few weeks after your last chemotherapy treatment. Sometimes it grows in a different color or texture at first, as the different cells involved in hair production may “wake up” at different rates, but eventually, your tresses should return to normal. If you have long locks, it will obviously take longer for your hair to get back to its fullest glory, but that’s why some people recommend cutting your hair short as a preparation for chemotherapy to ease the shock of hair loss.

How to Deal with Hair Loss

There are many strategies for dealing with hair loss from chemo. Some people wear hats and headwraps to keep their heads warm. Others wear wigs to prevent people from staring. Make this plan before your hair falls out because you might be suffering from other side effects and unable to deal with figuring out what you want to do while you are undergoing treatment. If you do have any hair that remains, make sure to treat it well. Use natural shampoos without harsh chemicals and only wash it when necessary.

Hair loss from chemotherapy can be heartbreaking but it’s only temporary. If you’re looking for a hair loss solution, at Transitions of Wisconsin, our highly-trained professionals design your wig by recreating your natural hairstyle as closely as possible, so that no one will notice a difference from your real hair. If you’re interested in scheduling a free consultation, contact us today!

Photo Credit: klbz Via Pixabay