10 / 27 / 17

How Wigs Aid Breast Cancer Recovery

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the ideal time to raise issues about the effects of living with the disease. One of the biggest impacts of breast cancer is altered body image and hair loss in particular. Wigs can make a difference in surprising ways.

Wigs Look Realistic

The days of plastic-looking hair are gone, and a breast cancer patient today has an amazing number of choices to consider. Some are made from high-quality, synthetic material while others are constructed from real hair and have a natural appearance. A wig can also be styled to suit the needs of the wearer, and can look stunning once in place.

Wigs Are a Confidence Booster

Some breast cancer patients don’t want to wear a wig all the time, while others choose to wear head scarves. Being stared at can be difficult for cancer patients and make them feel vulnerable. A wig is a great accessory to wear on occasions and when a woman needs a boost of confidence to look her best. Having a wig for events and to wear some of the time is reassuring to that person.

Wigs Prepare the Patient

Wearing a wig before hair loss is a helpful way of preparing someone for that moment when they lose their natural hair. Having the wig at hand gives someone time to adapt and discuss the issue with family. It also means they can use the wig to support them through the psychological stress of altered body image and have the hair piece to make them look like a friend or family member and not a patient. Buying a wig before hair loss also helps match the existing color so the transition is easier.

Wigs Aid Recovery

By staying positive, a breast cancer patient will have the strength to fight the disease and adapt to a life-changing event. Wigs aid this process by improving psychological self-esteem in patients with cancer. They are there for the days when women want to look good and are a boost on a day when nothing seems to go right. Having a well-fitting and stylish hairpiece can make a real difference to the woman with breast cancer.

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