10 / 29 / 17

How to Get Involved for a Good Cause: No Shave November

Have you heard of No Shave November?

More than just the hairiest month of the year, No Shave November is a global fundraising movement, and it’s fun! During the month-long journey, participants go without shaving and raise funds in order to promote cancer awareness, research, and education.

By embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, participants can spark conversation and grow awareness while having fun with a newfound beard or mustache.

How to Get Involved in No Shave November

Raise funds and awareness for cancer prevention by donating, asking your friends and family to donate, and sharing your progress and fundraising page on social media

You can feel good knowing that all funds raised go towards investing in groundbreaking cancer research and providing free information and services to those fighting the battle. The No-Shave November organization works with carefully selected funded programs each year. Learn more about this year’s funded programs and their missions here.

Beard Styling Ideas

Ready to put your beard to work for a good cause? Here are some style ideas to keep you looking fresh all month long. PROTIP: Grooming is allowed!

Carved Beard – Use defined lines and strong contours to look sharp and clean during your no-shave month.

Sideburns + Beard – There are two ways to wear this look. Either let your sideburns blend naturally into your beard, or create a sharp contrast by grooming a space between your long sideburns and beard.

Beard + Buzz Cut – While your beard is going wild, keep the hair on your head under control with a short buzz cut. The contrasting look works well with all hair types.

Beard + Man Bun – As long as you’re embracing the beard trend, why not go full hipster? If you already have long hair, pulling it up into a man bun is a fun style and can also be convenient for when you need your hair out of the way.

Long Beard – A really long beard allows you to get creative and express your personal style. If you’re wearing a long beard, we recommend getting involved with your local Facial Hair League or club to make things even more interesting — competitive beard styling is a very real thing. Find an FHL near you.
So why not let it grow? Put down your razor and join the No-Shave November fun by starting a personal fundraising page, or creating a team at your work or sports club. Register now.

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