To Wash Your Hair or Not
02 / 27 / 18

To Wash Your Hair or Not to Wash: What (Really) Is the Question?

From one magazine article to the next, the simple act of hair care has become one of the most confusing tasks. How often should you wash your hair? With what products should you wash? Is your hair damaged? The only person that should be analyzing your hair ‘with a fine-tooth comb’ is the dermatologist or stylist. So, let’s settle this confusing conundrum of hair washing and get straight to the facts once and for all. Below, your simple hair-care questions are answered.


Natural sebum production plays a role in the texture of the hair. Hair types, such as curly, slow the sebum production and only need a wash once a week. However, very fine hair can use a good wash at least twice a week.

Skin Type

Your hair type is a lot like your skin type: oily, normal, or dry. Once your hair type is determined, you can get a better idea of how often you should clean your hair. For example, dryer hair types need less shampooing, especially is a treatment is being used. Oily hair types may seem like such a bother, what with feeling the need to constantly wash, but chances are, it’s only getting worse with each wash. If you sweat a lot, it’s best to ask a professional which shampoos and conditioners to use to prevent access greasiness.


There is a wide variety of treatment options and styling products on the market. From medicated shampoos to leave-in conditioners, each treatment and product act as a cleanser, repairer, and an overall enhancer. How often you should wash your hair all depends on the treatment and procedures you have done as well. Your stylist should be able to give you the best cleansing suggestion based on the type of treatment. For example, perhaps you fancy a frequent keratin treatment. A keratin treatment puts a straight and easy-to-style edge to naturally curly hair so it’s imperative to keep away from certain shampoos and wash less often. Again, a professional can guide you through the best times to wash during such treatments.

So, When Do I Wash My Hair?

Men and women can both benefit from a good cleanse every two to three days. You will notice a huge difference in the feel, body, and texture of your hair if you wait three days to wash. From styling to growth, it’s important to let your hair and scalp rest to prevent greasing or over drying.

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