Hair Loss System
10 / 13 / 18

Is a Hair Loss System Right for You?

Nobody wants to lose their hair—and thanks to modern advances in hair restoration, nobody has to. Regardless of the cause or the extent of your hair loss, there are always solutions that can restore your full volume and your healthy hairline. One of the most popular solutions is the custom hair loss system.

How can you tell whether a custom system is the right option for you? That’s the question we’ll address today—starting with a brief overview of what these systems actually are.

Hair Systems at a Glance

Getting a custom hair system begins when you join us at Transitions of Wisconsin for a consultation. We’ll talk with you about your options, and if you decide on a hair system then we’ll take some measurements, ensuring a hair system that fits cleanly and comfortably on your scalp.

The system consists of a micro-thin membrane, into which individual human hairs are inserted. These hairs are high-quality, never before bleached, permed, or chemically processed in any way. Once they are inserted into the membrane, we’ll ensure that it adheres snugly to your scalp, then we can cut, color, and style the hair however you like it.

Custom hair systems provide a number of benefits. They can hold up under any lifestyle, including rigorous athletics. They allow full customization. And, they allow you to once again enjoy a full, healthy, natural-looking head of hair.

Determining Whether a Hair System is Right for You

Is this the best option to address your hair loss needs, however?

It’s not the only option. For clients whose hair loss is more minor, we might sometimes suggest starting with topical solutions, medicated products, or even laser hair therapy. Other clients might prefer a hair transplant, particularly those whose hair loss is more extreme.

Generally speaking, we recommend custom hair systems for those whose hair loss is moderate to extreme, and who wish to avoid surgical intervention. A custom hair system offers permanent results and can be integrated with any existing hair you have on your head, which makes it a good, flexible option for many of our clients.

The only way to know for sure whether it’s the best option for you, though, is to meet with us in our Milwaukee studio. Transitions of Wisconsin is proud to offer clients free consultations, during which you’ll have a chance to speak with a stylist in a relaxed and confidential setting.

During the consultation, we’ll perform a brief scalp evaluation, which can help us get a better sense of what might be causing your thinning hair. We’ll talk with you about all the available options, and ultimately find something that fits your needs as well as your budget. If you choose a hair system, we’ll start taking measurements, ensuring a hair system that’s truly made just for you.

Learn More About Hair Loss Systems from Transitions of Wisconsin

At Transitions of Wisconsin, we believe that hair restoration is attainable for anyone. We also believe that it’s never one-size-fits-all. We take pride in the time we spend getting to know each client, and helping them find the solution that works best for them.

Maybe that means a hair system, and maybe it means something else. The only way to know for sure is to meet with us for a consultation, and learn more about the choices you have to look and feel like yourself again.

To discover more about the benefits of a custom hair system, we invite you to contact us at Transitions of Wisconsin and schedule a free consultation.