07 / 13 / 15

Is Your Shampoo Causing Hair Loss?

Americans today have become more aware and concerned about what they put in their bodies, but is your shampoo causing hair loss? In response to this awareness, product labels have become much more revealing over the years. How often do you find yourself checking labels on the food you buy? Have you ever considered checking the labels of your hair products too? Most people have a favorite brand of shampoo that they’ll stick with because it smells good and makes their hair look amazing. Let’s be honest, it’s like finding gold.

Nobody wants to burst your perfect hair bubble, however you probably should check the ingredient label of this miracle shampoo. Although your hair may look fabulous for the time being, certain chemicals could be slowly wreaking havoc on your locks. The number one offender is called (SLS) sodium lauryl sulfate. This toxic foaming agent runs rampant in drugstore hair products. It has been clinically proven that SLS corrodes hair follicles, which leads to serious hair issues.

Sodium lauryl sulfate has the potential to cause skin or scalp irritation and will strip your hair of its essential oils. The first signs of hair damage may include an irritated scalp, hair that tangles easily, frizzy hair, or split ends. If you are experiencing these side effects check your shampoo and if it contains SLS or any type of sulfate stop using it immediately. Long-term damage can result in impeded hair growth or hair loss.

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