07 / 29 / 15

Do You Think You Caused Your Mom To Lose Her Hair?

Did your mother ever say that you caused your mom to lose her hair? The good news is other than maybe having her pull her hair out once in awhile, your mom did not lose any hair because of your behavior. As women age, they tend to have Androgenetic Alopecia, which causes hair to thin and ultimately fall out. The main cause for Androgenetic Alopeciafrom age is due to the change in hormones. For you younger women, not only can hair loss come from menopause, but it can also be caused from birth control.

For you new moms out there, it is possible to see hair loss after giving birth. As you may know, childbirth causes you to go through such a traumatic event and a lot of changes are happening in a short period of time. This shock to the body causes Telogen Effuvium . Also, don’t forget stress can cause hair loss as well. If you have noticed hair loss after or during pregnancy, then stop ask us about our Laser Hair Loss Treatments.

We set aside one day a year to honor all our moms on mothers day, but some of us like to express our appreciation year round. When we get older and see our mother’s age, do not be startled if she begins to have thinning hair or even hair loss. If your mother has said anything about being concerned about her hair thinning, then you can tell her about the options she has.

We offer a non-surgical hair replacement option called Reallusions. What we love about Reallusions is that it can be customized for anyone with any hairstyle. Trust us when we say this is nothing like the old hairpieces of wigs, that maybe you saw your grandparents wear. Reallusions is a permanent solution that is undetectable and allows any women to enjoy all the normal things in life, such as swim, shower, and exercise without having to worry about their hair. Mom can feel years younger with Reallusions Hair System.

If you notice your mom losing her hair, then suggest here to come visit Transitions Of Wisconsin for a free confidential consultation. We will try to give your mother back some of the years she lost worrying about you!