02 / 24 / 16

Modern Wigs and What You Can Expect

Are you beginning to notice your hair thinning or going gray? Have you been working with your hair dresser to change styles to cover up hair loss? You could benefit from some sort of hair replacementand one option would be a wig. Now we know you might be hesitant as you could be saying to yourself that there is no way a wig can look natural, but you would be very wrong! Modern day wigs can look like your real hair and you can even color it, style it, and wear it however you want. Here are a few things you can expect from a quality modern wig.

You can feel like yourself again with a wig

We would recommend coming to us and meeting with one of our Hair Loss Specialist who can help you decide if a wig is the best option. If it turns out that wig is what you need, then we will help you find the perfect color and style that you want! Our specialist will customize the perfect wig that will make you feel like yourself again. All you need is that favorite outfit and to step out into the world with a new sense of confidence!

You might want one wig or many wigs

It is not uncommon for our clients to want more than just one wig, and you may find yourself wanting that too. As you may know, celebrities love these modern day wigs and tend to have many of them as part of their fashion. Modern day wigs look so great that half of the celebrities on the red carpet are using these wigs to enhance their style! Having more than one makes it easier to go with different styles very quickly without the time to restyle.

Feel younger and confident

As long as you are not playing a role for a production film that requires you to have an all gray wig, you can feel younger with a quality wig and be as confident as you once were before losing your hair. We look at many attributes when choosing a wig for our clients, such as color, quality of the hair, and the best way to get the hair to fall around your face. We do keep in mind your shape of your face, the budget you might have and the lifestyle you would like to enjoy. Maybe you wanted to try a look you never could before, but now with a wig you can!

As long as you don’t tell, no one else will either.
After some time, the chances people will notice you are wearing a wig will dissipate. If you are a person that has very little hair, then you might get some initial reactions and there are positive reactions! The reason for this is because modern day quality wigs are not noticeably a wig. As you are out in public, there is a very good chance that someone around you is wearing a wig and you have no idea.

Here at Transitions of Wisconsin we have many solutions for any type of hair loss. If you or someone you know is experiencing hair loss, we welcome you to a free visit. Contact us today!