05 / 09 / 16

Four of the Hottest Spring Hairstyles for Men

Vintage is in for fashion this year. Hairstyles for men are included in this line up of updated vintage trends. With the temperatures heating up so are these four hot spring hairstyles for men.

The Layered Crop

Layers are not only stylish but they give hair more texture and volume. The layered, cropped look on a man with thinning hair is a win win for him. The creation of more volume automatically makes hair look fuller and hotter with just about any hair type.

The Pompadour

Traditionally a woman’s haircut, the pompadour was reintroduced as a man’s cut when Elvis Presley showed up on the rock scene. It’s typically worn with short sides and long, contrasting slicked back hair on top. It has recently made a comeback with the hipsters and celebrities of today. From Zac Efron to David Beckham, the pompadour has brought this sexy hairstyle back for men to don. Just keep in mind that it is a high maintenance cut and if using hair products and time spent styling in front of a mirror isn’t your thing, then the pompadour isn’t for you.

The Classic Undercut

Similar to the pompadour, the classic undercut is short on the sides and long on top, but men are free to wear it however it suits them. It’s perfect for the clean-cut look or the wild bedhead look. Men with curly hair can get away with little to no upkeep. In some cases the more tousled the look, the sexier.

The Short and Spiky Faux Hawk

This look is great because it resembles a Mohawk but doesn’t require the commitment that a true Mohawk requires. The sides are short, but not buzzed down to bare skin and the top is cut to medium length with a few spikes out the front. Just run a little gel through the spikes and you’ll be ready to roll in minutes.

If these hairstyles sound good to you but you’re frustrated with your thinning hair or hair loss, Transitions of Wisconsin can get you the look you want. If you’re interested in scheduling a free consultation, contact us today!