05 / 11 / 16

Decades of Distinguishing Hairstyles: From the 70’s Until Now

As we get older we all love to go through our photo albums and reminisce about the days of old. The realization that usually stands out the most is how much our hairstyles have changed over the years. Even if you were trending with the times looking back at your different hairstyles can be borderline traumatizing. Let’s take a trip down memory lane with the iconic looks of the decades past.

The Wild and Free Era – 1970s

Freedom was the key word in the seventies. Breaking free from tradition, being free of worry, and having long free flowing hair was the trend. Shag haircuts and Afros also fit in with this disco era. The most iconic hairstyle for women was the feathered look of Farrah Fawcett. If you grew up during the seventies there is no doubt you had feathered hair at some point.

The Big Hair Don’t Care Era – 1980s

Remember how much hairspray you went through in the eighties? Aqua Net was your best friend because the bigger the hair the better. High bangs and long poofy locks were totally in. Even the men got into the big hair trend. Who can forget the glam metal bands like Motley Crue or Poison?

The Too Cool for School Era – 1990s

The Aqua Net went back on the shelf at the turn of the ‘80s hair era and the ‘90s became a little more toned down. Pixie haircuts were made wildly popular by Winona Ryder in the movie “Reality Bites” and then layers exploded onto the scene with the iconic Rachel Cut from “Friends”.

The Polished Era – 2000s

The 2000’s are more about what actually looks good and less about trends. Hair types and face shapes play a pivotal role in the hairstyle selection process. Hair care has also become trendy with organic products becoming more affordable and accessible. From natural beach wavy curls to flat ironed sleek locks the hairstyles of today could become timeless.

But time will continue to pass and hairstyles will always be a big part of our personalities. Who knows what hair trends the future holds? Regardless of what tomorrow brings us we all want to feel comfortable with the way we look. That’s a fact that time won’t change.

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