05 / 23 / 16

Kendall Jenner’s Changing it Up With Wigs

Don’t call it a comeback, but wigs are blowing up the fashion industry, again. In the 1970’s the wig craze hit the runways in such a way that many French couture labels created their own lines of wigs. It seems that Kendall Jenner and her BFF Gigi Hadid have given wigs a boost back into runway fashion.

At Balmain Paris Fashion Week, brunette supermodel Kendall Jenner donned a platinum blonde wig along with friend Gigi who also flipped her look with a brunette wig. The minute their hair swapping pics were posted there was no stopping the viral buzz. The chatter calmed down a little as soon as the social media world confirmed the two were in fact just wearing wigs. No drastic changes had been made. Phew.

The models enjoyed their “new” looks for a short time and then moved on but their Instagram followers are still reeling from the idea of wearing wigs. Previous to the great wig swap Jenner had been photographed wearing various styles of wigs for magazines such as Vogue.

Through the power of social media and reality TV star turned super model Kendall Jenner; it’s safe to say that wigs are back and here to stay for a while. Jenner’s fans are tweeting and posting wig selfies on a daily basis. It’s a fun and easy way to change up your look in an instant.

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