06 / 21 / 16

Spice Up Your Summer With These Hot Hair Accessories and Trends

Bored of the typical hot-weather ponytail? Amp up your look this summer with some cute hair accessories! You can keep your hair out of the way and still make a fashion statement when you add a touch of flair. Snag one of these fun and fresh accoutrements, and you’ll be ready to step into any setting with poise.


They’re colorful, they’re classy, and they’re the perfect way to keep your flyaways contained. Get creative with this one, since scarves can be worn in a plethora of different ways. Tie it underneath your hair like a headband with the loose ends trailing down your back, or do a “Rosie the Riveter” and give yourself a bow on top. You can even create an updo and then wrap it up in your scarf for complete coverage, perfect for a convertible ride or a windy day at the beach.


You know headbands are always a go-to, but you should try something more understated this season. Go for a super-thin band that helps keep your hair back without drawing attention away from your ‘do. You could also try a thicker, sleek black band for a chic addition to a work ensemble or vintage dress.

Floral Barrettes

It’s sunny and everything is in bloom … so why not make your summer hairstyles reflect the season? Floral barrettes (or some silk flowers fastened in with a bobby pin) are a breath of fresh air on hot, sticky summer days. Add them anywhere, and you can instantly transform a mundane hairstyle into a novel new look.

Tiny Braids

Braids, braids, everywhere … but this year they’re going miniature! Ditch the oversized plaits, and opt for tiny ones — it’s another opportunity to get creative. Add some small, traditional braids into wavy beach locks for a hippie throwback, or keep your bangs back with a small French braid across your forehead — the perfect way to avoid sweaty locks. If you’re creating an updo, make a few small braids on the underside of your hair and weave them in at the end for an elegant touch that’s perfect for a summer wedding.

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