07 / 05 / 16

Ways to try and Prevent Hair Loss Caused by Chemotherapy Treatments

Chemotherapy treatments are known for causing hair loss. It’s not only a physical side effect of the treatment but it also causes mental distress on the patient. Disguising hair loss can become difficult and tedious. Here are a few ways to possibly prevent your hair from falling out.

In order for chemotherapy to be effective it has to kill cells. Its main target is a cancer cell but unfortunately healthy cells will also be eliminated. The killing of healthy cells is what causes the hair loss. One way to try and prevent hair follicles from being affected is to reduce blood flow to the scalp. Tight bands or hats can minimize the blood flow and may prevent hair loss.

Another way to reduce blood flow to your scalp is by using frozen caps. These special caps restrict the flow of blood infected with the chemo drugs to the scalp by chilling it. The caps can be worn pre treatment, during treatment or post treatment.

The use of the over-the-counter drug Rogaine could possibly reduce hair loss when applied to your scalp after treatment. It is still being researched as being a preventative hair loss treatment for chemotherapy patients.

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