08 / 23 / 16

Making the Case for Going Gray

Looking young is something most individuals in today’s society feel compelled to keep up with. Dying our hair has been the standard for numerous years and it’s a common reaction for someone to color their hair as soon as they notice a gray strand. Recently, it’s become a bit more acceptable to embrace it. Some are making the case for going gray.

Gray Speaks to the Distinguished and Powerful

Gray hair often represents a person with a lot of life experiences under their belt. These individuals tend to portray a feeling of power. When you see a man with salt-and-pepper hair he automatically appears more distinguished. As indicated by Bellatory, gray hair is the new blond. It can be lavish, long and exquisite. If you pick the right style, the world is your oyster. Being a silver fox can relay a sense of maturity, excellence and style.

Going Gray is Economical

The expense of going to a salon every six to eight weeks can truly become very costly. For those with rapid hair growth the expense can be even greater by requiring more trips to the salon. Considering that it’s common to pay $100 or more to have your hair dyed at a salon, you can easily wind up paying over $1,000 per year. If you’re a DIY-er letting yourself go gray can eliminate the time it takes to dye your own hair.

Going Gray is Good for the Environment

It’s not surprising to know that most chemicals utilized in hair dye are not environmentally friendly. Every time the color is washed out of your hair, it winds up in the public water system. Earth 911 states that the ammonia used in hair dye has been connected to high acid levels in the soil. Other chemicals like ammonia have additionally been found in our water supply.

Maybe going gray is for you? It’s prestigious, economical, and good for Mother Nature. But what if you’re also suffering from hair loss? It’s not easy to just let hair loss go. At Transitions of Wisconsin we can determine which hair loss solution is right for you. If you’re interested in scheduling a free consultation, contact us today!