09 / 04 / 16

I’m Losing My Hair and I Can’t Discuss It

Hair loss never concerned me until I started losing it. I’m at the point where I don’t know what to do. I feel like a vital piece of who I am is simply disappearing. Will people see me the same way? Is there anybody that can offer assistance? So many questions are being raised. I’m losing my hair and I can’t discuss it. I’m apprehensive about going bald. What will others think? Will they ask me about it? I can’t envision myself wearing a wig. I know others have lost their hair, yet I didn’t think it would ever be me. I feel like a jerk for being so freaked out because others are suffering under more serious circumstances in life.

I Had Certainty About My Appearance

When I was young hair styling was fun and almost imperative to me. My sister and I would constantly do each other’s hair trying out different braids and styles. I recall how pleased we were ourselves when we figured out how to create intricate looks. Trying out new colors and cuts was a favorite past time with friends. I adored my summertime highlights. I began school each year with another look and another hairdo. Presently I understand that my hair plays a major part in boosting my self-confidence.

I Need to Make a move and Deal with My Life

It’s been a month since excess hair has shown up on my pillow and in my sink. I need to make a move and do something about it. This stress is influencing my personal and work life. I’ve been avoiding social situations. I’ve been having lunch alone and staying away from my colleagues. I’ve mastered avoiding phone calls because I don’t want to have to explain myself. I know there are hair loss experts that specialize in treating male pattern baldness and I don’t know why I haven’t reached out to a hair loss studio yet. Perhaps I’ve been anxious about the possibility that that there’s nothing they can do. No more dread. I’m taking my life back and making the call today. I know my sister will go to the consultation with me. What am I waiting for? Obviously she will support me. Afterwards we can go to lunch and perhaps do some shopping like we used to. It’s a great opportunity to discuss this!

Living in the Milwaukee area I think my best bet for hair loss treatment is Transitions of Wisconsin. They have more than 50 years experience and offer both surgical and non-surgical solutions to hair restoration. I’m going to contact them to schedule my free consultation. If you’re suffering from hair loss I encourage you to reach out.