11 / 25 / 16

Men’s Hair Tips: Guys, Do You Really Know How To Shampoo Your Hair?

Proper hair care myths are rampant today but are particularly prevalent in the world of men’s hair. The most deceiving subject is shampooing. How regularly do you have to use shampoo? What is the proper way to shampoo your hair? What kind is best? In the event that you think you you’ve got shampooing all figured out, you might be amazed to learn you’ve often been misguided.

Lot’s of Lather Means it’s a High Quality Brand

Really, it’s the reverse: The more it lathers up, the more harm it can do. Shampoos that excessively froth are often full of sulfates. Consistently exposing your hair to sulfates (cleanser foam) can chafe and dry out the scalp, potentially bringing about dandruff, and damage and cause frizzy hair. Sulfites are the chemicals that cause your eyes to burn if some of it gets in your eyes.

Try buying shampoos that do not contain sulfites but rather use glycerin or other natural cleansers. I’m sure you don’t want to wash your hair with the same chemicals you find in your dish soap or laundry detergent. They all use sulfates. There are a lot of great natural men’s hair products out there.

Shampoo is the Only Way to Get Clean Hair

This is another common false perception. One way to reduce your usage of sulfates is to solely use water from time to time. Unless you’re covered in mud, it takes a long time for your hair to end up so filthy that you require cleanser to clean through the grime. A quick rinse in the shower is realistically enough to get rid of the dirt and residue built up in your hair.

Shampooing Daily is Required

The number one reason we shampoo our hair is to get rid of excessive oils. Everybody’s hair follicles create oil (sebum) at various rates. Only wash your hair with shampoo when it becomes too oily. It’s different for everyone. Some need to use a cleanser every day, while others can go for a whole week without using shampoo. A little bit of oil is good for the hair and scalp. Over shampooing can be harmful because it strips away useful oils.

Clean Vigorously for Best Results

If you desire a thick, luscious head of clean hair, shampooing enthusiastically will defeat the purpose by causing irritation of your scalp, and could bring about breakage and male pattern baldness. The perfect shampooing strategy is to softly rub your scalp in a round movement with your fingertips (not your fingernails.) Focus on your scalp, and you’ll be cleaning your hair in the process.

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