12 / 27 / 16

Top Male Celebrities Who Suffer From Hair Loss

Hair loss happens to all kinds of people, no matter race, age or lifestyle. Here’s how a few of the most well known male celebrities cope with hair loss.

Ben Affleck

For over a decade, folks have speculated about his hair loss: Is he, or isn’t he balding? They say he’s tried almost everything — wigs, hair systems, and cosmetic scalp powder. Nobody honestly knows for a fact, but the Hollywood actor is smart to keep it a mystery.

Jude Law

Not even the “Sexiest Man Alive” can get away from time. Jude Law’s hairline noticeably changed and appeared to be receding in a lot of his films and interviews. So how has he dealt with hair loss? At the 2009 movie premiere of Sherlock Holmes, Jude law conveniently wore a beanie to hide it. He makes use of his charm and deep eye penetration to distract from the hairline. Then, there are the times it appears he has taken to a hairpiece, because the hair appears to be miraculously thicker than the previous day.

Johnny Depp

Sex appeal, for this celebrity, had lots to do with his youthful, rugged look. However he’s consistently adapted. “It’s very, very vital to me, regardless of who the character is, to play that individual with the utmost truth that I’m able to bring,” he has stated. We’re certain you’ll agree that Johnny Depp and all of his characters are adorable — with, or without hair.

John Travolta

Photographs don’t lie. Fortunately, this celebrity keeps hair loss rumors away by simply fully taking on the character he is assigned to. However we can forgive him for getting older. It happens to everyone. Many have suspected hair transplants, and it’s tough to say what he has and hasn’t gone through. With his heart-melting smile and dance moves, John Travolta remains a star, no matter what, and inspires guys around the world to follow suit.

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