01 / 08 / 17

These 5 Female Celebrities Struggle with Hair Loss

Female hair loss is much more common than most people realize. So much so that it even affects many female celebrities! It’s surprising because they always look great on the big screen or stage, particularly their hair. From super models to tv stars, here are five female celebrities who have struggled with hair loss.

Naomi Campbell

Tight hairstyles and braids were often part of supermodel Naomi Campbell’s signature look, but it may have also caused a permanent receding hairline. The supposed cause of Campbell’s hair loss, traction alopecia, occurs when a pulling force is consistently applied to the hair. If caught early, this common cause of hair loss is reversible, but if ignored, it is permanent.

Rosie O’Donnell

Outspoken comedian Rosie O’Donnell isn’t shy when discussing her personal life, so fans weren’t surprised when she took to Twitter to complain about a problem of aging: hair loss. The star posted a selfie where she’s pointing at thinning patches of hair all over her head. Experts say this problem is primarily hereditary, but some women are still good candidates for hair loss treatment.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston rose to superstar fame during her many years as the delightful Rachel on “Friends.” During her time on the show, Aniston’s hair was given tremendous fan and media attention. Fans around the world were copying Aniston’s hairstyles, cuts and colors. When Aniston developed hair loss from traction alopecia, she was outspoken about attributing the hair loss to the hair extensions that she wore.

Dolly Parton

Country Hall of Famer and Dollywood creator Dolly Parton has also suffered from hair loss. Dolly has been famous for her beautiful wigs for many decades, and she has acknowledged that, because her own hair is very fine, she suffers from some baldness.

Deborah Messing

Charming Deborah Messing, famous for her role as the quirky and gorgeous Grace on the smash hit sitcom “Will and Grace,” has also suffered from hair loss due to pregnancy. Hair loss caused by pregnancy is temporary and corrects itself within 3-4 months.

One in four women struggle with hair loss, including female celebrities. If you’re experiencing hair loss you don’t have to be a celebrity to look great! At Transitions of Wisconsin we offer a host of affordable and proven solutions to hair loss. If you’re interested in scheduling a free consultation, contact us today!