02 / 21 / 17

No Longer Taboo: Is There an Upside to Hair Loss?

Most people don’t consider hair loss as being a positive experience. And let’s be real – for most people, even talking about is considered to be taboo. Although hair loss can be related to health conditions, genes or aging, and while it could be an uncomfortable topic for most, it can also be an excellent opportunity to reinvent one’s self.

Here are some of the positive things about hair loss, and the reasons why it doesn’t have to be considered a taboo topic.

It’s an Opportunity to Reinvent Your Look

Switching up your hair color with hair replacements or wigs can change how young or old a person can look. Without being concerned about hair turning grey or white, someone experiencing hair loss has the freedom to experiment with looking younger by selecting a wig or hair replacement solution.

Focus on Being Healthier

Sometimes hair loss causes people to focus on good health and appreciate other positive aspects of their health. When people begin to lose their hair, they typically become more mindful about their diet, hair care and self-care. Taking the time to research and purchase better hair products, foods and vitamins can lead to a healthier self.

Give Your Natural Hair a Break

For women, and even a few men, losing their hair can be caused by damage from over-styling. Stylists agree that damage can occur when people wear the same hair style day after day for years. Wearing wigs will give his or her actual hair a break for a while.

Today, men and women can feel free to be open about hair loss, even celebrities use social media to be honest about their struggles. Take a cue from stars like Lady Gaga, and others who consistently change up their look by using wigs and hair replacements.

In today’s society, it’s no longer taboo to share struggles you may be facing. Losing your hair doesn’t have to be embarrassing because doing something about it is liberating. At Transitions of Wisconsin, for more than 50 years, we’ve assisted thousands of men and women suffering with hair loss. If you’re interested in scheduling a free consultation, contact us today!