03 / 28 / 17

5 Reasons You Should Use Hair Extensions

Whether you suffer from thinning hair, want to give over-styled hair a break or simply feel like trying something new without the commitment, hair extensions may be just what you’re looking for. These are just a few of the many great reasons you should try them.

1. Instantly Add Volume and Texture

Gone are the days when you had to wait months or even years to grow your hair out. With quality extensions, you can instantly have a long, full head of hair. Many people also suffer from thinning hair. Hair extensions not only add length but thickness and volume as well.

2. Easy Maintenance

Extensions are much easier to care for than many people realize. According to Allure, tape-in extensions are waterproof and most types can be styled just as you would your natural hair. High quality extensions can also be reused for approximately a year. While maintenance in general is easy, it’s important to know that caring for different types of extensions will vary. For example, extensions made from real hair as opposed to synthetic extensions require slightly different care.

3. You Can Easily Change Your Look

Most people occasionally crave a totally different look without a long-term commitment. With extensions, you can try out curly lavender locks before actually taking the plunge. Hair extensions can also be used to give yourself an incredible new look for an upcoming special event.

4. Great Versatility

Extensions come in a wide variety of colors, textures and lengths. Nearly every color in the rainbow is available in extensions, and lengths vary from relatively short to waist-length hair. Hair extensions can even be used to accessorize your hair. A few colored strands or just a braid can be added for impressive effect.

5. Give Your Natural Hair a Break

It’s a good idea to occasionally give your hair a break from hot appliances and chemical treatments. InStyle recommends waiting six months between color treatments when going from dark back to a light color. With hair extensions, you can have all the color and curls you want without actually treating your own hair. It’s important to use high end extensions to make sure you don’t damage your natural hair.

You no longer have to wait for a bad cut/color job to grow out or take a leap of faith to try something completely new. With so many great benefits of using hair extensions it’s time to get hair that’s both gorgeous and easy to maintain.

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