04 / 18 / 17

Thinning Hair? Avoid the Comb-Over with a Simple Style

Thinning hair may classify as a man’s worst nightmare — or at least one of the top ten. Too often, men think they can hide thinning areas by growing their hair without changing the style. Or, worse yet, they go with a comb-over.

News flash: that comb-over isn’t fooling anyone.

Not to Despair

Thinning hair is not the end of the world or the death knell of a gentleman’s social life. There are ways to mask the hair loss while emphasizing other great features, like great eyes. A scissor-cut hairstyle in a short to medium length, for example, allows for styling in a way that makes hair look fuller and much more flattering.

When styling alone doesn’t achieve a look with which the gentleman is comfortable, there may be more aggressive remedies to hair loss. Visiting a hair loss studio and meeting with a hair loss specialist is the smartest way to find out the best options available today.

If there’s already a considerable loss of hair, a scissor-cut style may not be feasible. In this case, a more realistic choice may be a low buzz cut. This is a way to blend the remaining hair with the thinning areas. The buzz cut will also focus attention on the great features of the face rather than on a bald spot.

The Trick Is in the Styling

Just like a magician uses distraction to accomplish something incredible, so can a great style distract from thinning hair while accomplishing an incredible overall look that emphasizes the natural positives of a man’s face.

For a receding hairline, fade the sides while scissor cutting the top for a clean look. Use a texturing cream to style the hair in short spikes brushed forward. This produces a somewhat uncontrolled look that is especially great for younger men who are just beginning to experience hair thinning.

A messy side part gives a youthful vibe to a more classic look. This simple styling begins with a medium-length cut that fades to the neckline. Add in a deep side part and tapered sideburns. Top it off by sweeping the frontal section of the hair up and away from the face. This brings focus to the gentleman’s captivating eyes.

Thinning and graying? Embrace the transition. Shave the gray around the neckline and over the ears, keeping it longer on top. Add in an up-blown look to the top.

This gives the hair a more natural gradient effect and camouflages sparseness.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to style hair for a flattering, modern look that avoids the stereotype of a bad comb-over. Thinning hair happens; make the most of it with a fantastic style.

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