04 / 25 / 17

How We Get Our Unique Hair Color

What determines your hair color? How come some people are blonde, while others have black, auburn or white hair? And how can a redhead kid be born to two blonde parents? Read on to find out how we get our unique hair color!

Your hair gets its color because of the pigmentation of your hair follicles. Darker-haired people generally have more individual hair follicles than light-haired people. Let’s explore this some more:

It’s all About Genetics

Eumelanin and pheomelanin are the two types of pigments that humans have. Generally, the pigmentation your parents have will also determine the lightness or darkness of your own. However, two parents can produce a child with a completely different hair color, depending on how strong either of those pigments are in the child.

Black- and brown-haired people have the most amounts of eumelanin, while blonde and lighter-haired folks have smaller amounts. Blondes with more of the pheomelanin produce more golden, strawberry tresses, and those with more eumelanin will have a sandier blonde shade of hair.

And what about redheads? This pigmentation is caused by the Mc1r gene. People with red hair are very unique, as it is the world’s least common hair color.

Hair and Aging

Contrary to what most people may think, gray or white hair is not caused by gray or white pigmentation, as the hairs are actually transparent in color and only look gray or white when reflected in the light. This is caused by aging, although in some cases, very young people can develop white hairs because of an illness. Albino people who also lack pigmentation can be born with very light, white or blonde hair.

As you age, your body ceases to produce the pigment, and you naturally turn white-haired or gray-haired. This is nothing to be ashamed of! Thanks to modern beauty products, everyone has a choice how to style or color their hair. You can use safe hair dyes to regain your color or even try more daring styles with wigs to see if a look you want would suit you.

Remember to take good care of your hair if you want it to retain its natural color and glow. Stay away from harsh sunlight and chemicals, treat yourself to a hair spa every now and then, and stay positive about your personal looks. And don’t be afraid to experiment with new makeovers and hair replacements! A new hairstyle can be uplifting and inspiring, as can a brand-new hair color.
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