08 / 15 / 17

Male Celebrity Hair Loss: Who’s Had a Hair Transplant?

Here’s the latest scoop on male celebrities that have had a hair transplant. From sports icons to big screen superstars, celebrity men with hair loss are dishing the truth about their hair transplants. Dealing with hair loss can be a challenge for anyone, maybe even more so if one is a celebrity. Celebrities often lack the privacy that they would prefer when making a dramatic change to their look.

They know their transplant will be noticed by a larger audience. These celebrity men have taken bold action against hair loss and they have seen successful, noticeable results. Based on their tweets and interview statements, these sexy stars are loving the results of their hair transplants.

What is a Hair Transplant?

Before the big celebrity reveal, here are some facts to demystify hair transplants. A transplant can sound intimidating because it is a surgical procedure. There are two types of hair transplants, but both involve similar procedures. Hair is surgically removed from parts of the scalp where hair is growing and healthy, and then relocated surgically to the area where hair loss has occurred.

If your health professional has indicated that your hair loss is permanent and you do have healthy sections of hair and scalp, a hair transplant might be ideal for you. Be sure to compare prices, as hair transplants can be costly and they are considered cosmetic surgical procedures — most often not covered by insurance plans.

These 5 Sexy Celebrities are Celebrating their Hair Transplants

Rumors surround superstars and the ways that they achieve their style and their look. Although rumors suggest such celebrities as Donald Trump, Gordon Ramsey and Brendan Fraser they may have had a hair transplant, other celebrities have chosen to celebrate their hair transplant and share even personal details about their hair loss and their hair restoration therapy choice. Hair is important in our culture — how we wear our hair, and how style our hair makes an even bigger difference in the world of the celebrity.

The following celebrities have chosen to openly celebrate the hair transplant results.

Wayne Rooney has openly Twittered about his two hair transplant procedures and how impressed he was with results.

James Nesbitt says he was “very pleased with the results” of his hair transplant, even claiming they have “changed my life.”

John Cleese acknowledges that he had a hair transplant at the age of 68.

A.J. MacLean shared the news of his hair transplant surgery on Instagram and says he “couldn’t be happier.”

Jason Gardner is happy about his hair transplant and allowed the surgical procedure to be filmed and shared to raise awareness about the procedure.
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