09 / 12 / 17

A Quick Guide to Choosing a Men’s Hairstyle Based on Face Shape

A great hairstyle can make a huge difference in how someone looks. The best way to determine which hairstyle will best suit someone is by first determining their face shape. Pay attention to the length of their face, as well as its width. This is the width at the forehead and also the width across the cheekbones.

Oval shape

The face is narrow and doesn’t have any sharp edges. Most hairstyles work great with this type of face. Some of the styles that they might want to try include spiky hair, fades, brush back and undercut with comb over.

Some of the things to avoid is a fringe that covers the forehead. This could end up making the face look rounder than it actually is.

Round face

Here the length and the width of their face is equal. Choose a hairstyle that will help to define the face by lengthening it. This includes cuts where the sides are short, with some hair left at the top. For instance, slick backs, fringes and quiffs.

Square face

This shape looks very masculine. It’s like a round face, except that it has a lot of sharp edges. Really short haircuts will work for this face type. This includes buzz cut, slick back, crew cut, high fade with quiff and textured comb over. Having a light stubble can help to soften their look.

Rectangular/Oblong face

A rectangular/oblong face is lengthier than it is wider. Short haircuts work best in this case. You can try spiky hair, comb over or side part. Men with this face type should avoid growing a beard, as it will only make their face look longer.

Diamond face

This is characterized by an angular chin and wide cheekbones. Try a layered hairstyle. This includes a fringe, side sweep, long slick back or a textured crop. Pair the hairstyle with a beard to soften their look.


In this case, the jaw line is more prominent and much wider than the cheekbones. Being clean shaven is the best idea. If they want some hair, then try medium length hairstyles at the top, such as messy hair or
swept bangs. They can also try a comb over and crew cut.

Thinning hair

If one is suffering from hair loss or thinning hair, it is still possible to get a full head of hair and have it styled as they want. At Transitions of Wisconsin, we offer proven surgical and non-surgical hair replacement solutions for men and women, individually customized to their specific needs and type of hair loss. If you’re interested in scheduling a free consultation, contact us today!