10 / 10 / 17

Don’t Believe These Hair Loss Myths

When it comes to hair loss there are plentiful old wives’ tales that will have your head spinning. Sure, most people lose hair naturally when they get a bit older, but are there unlikely things that truly tend to accelerate the process? We are here to tell you what is a myth and what is actually helpful advice for hair loss.

Wash Your Hair All You Want

One myth floating around suggests that if you wash your hair too often, it might all fall out! This is completely false. No matter what you do, you will lose about 100-200 hairs per day. This is just the natural cycle of hair growth and hair loss. You notice it more when you brush your locks because brushes help to remove the already detached hair from your scalp so it doesn’t get all tangled up.

No Need for Acrobatics

People who are considering hair replacement have probably tried everything to get their hair to grow in. Standing on your head is one of the kookier ideas out there, with the notion that increasing blood flow to the scalp will make your hair grow in. However, this is totally false since hair loss has nothing to do with how much blood is in your scalp, and more to do with how old you are and what your family history of hair is.

Don’t Blame Your Mother’s Father

For the past generations, people have been blaming their maternal genetics for hair loss. However, recent studies have shown that there are genes that come from both genetic donors that contribute to someone’s hair history, and thus, their hair future. In fact, there are more than 200 of these genes that determine what your hair will be like and how early it may start to thin out.

Put on Your Hat

Some say that if you wear a hat too much will cause hair loss because you will have trained it to be useless. However, there is really no scientific basis for this theory and it’s just not true. Wear your hat however much you want! In fact, it can even help to save your hair from the damage that too much UV exposure can cause.

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