Famous and Balding
01 / 09 / 18

Famous and Balding: 4 Celebrities Who Fought Hair Loss and Won

Hair loss — nobody is immune, not even the rich and famous. Sure, they may have personal stylists and unlimited resources to look their best, but their options for fighting hair loss are the same as they are for the average Joe. Hair pieces, DHT blockers and hair transplants are just some of the strategies that celebrities try. Following are a few examples of celebrities who fought hair loss, and won.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham, Spice Girl, model and fashion designer, has long fought thinning hair, which was further exacerbated by the hormonal fluctuations associated with pregnancy. What’s more, the repeated stress of fame along with tight hairdos and extensions had left the beauty with bald spots, called alopecia areata. Beckham fights hair loss with vitamin and nutritional supplements. The best ones are those formulated specifically for hair growth.

Will Young

Will Young, singer and winner of Pop Idol, suffers from male pattern baldness, a type of hereditary baldness that affects 65 percent of men in their early 30s. Male pattern baldness is caused by the buildup of a male hormone, DHT, in the scalp.

Young combats his hair loss with a DHT blocker. The blocker comes in the form of a serum, which is applied directly to the scalp, and a pill, which is taken orally. In most cases, the drug is combined with special shampoos and conditioners formulated to fight hair loss by reducing DHT buildup.

Gordon Ramsay

When Gordon Ramsay started losing his hair, he acted swiftly. In fact, he acted so fast that most people didn’t even notice he was losing his hair. Most of the thinning occurred in the front hairline, which was cleverly camouflaged by his tousled hair style. Today, Ramsay’s battle with hair loss is over thanks to hair transplant surgery. The surgery took 12 hours to complete, and the results were exactly what Ramsay had hoped for.

John Travolta

John Travolta sported a receding hairline for so long that it became part of his signature look. The strong widow’s peak that Travolta was known for happens to be just one of the ways male pattern baldness can manifest. Travolta chose to cover up his receding hairline with a hairpiece. Hairpieces are affixed to the scalp with a special bonding agent and cut to blend in with the remaining natural hair.

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