Losing Hair After Giving Birth?
01 / 16 / 18

Losing Hair After Giving Birth? Postpartum Hair Loss? You’re Not Alone

Between one and five months after delivery, many moms experience significant hair loss. If you are one of these moms, don’t worry! It’s totally normal and you’re definitely not alone. It’s only a temporary, if annoying, condition that usually goes away about six months to one year after giving birth. What is it exactly that causes this postpartum hair loss?

Telogen Effluvium

Say what? Telogen Effluvium sounds like a cool new music group but it is actually the technical name for the type of hair loss that new moms frequently experience. It happens because of hormone changes during pregnancy. Pregnant women actually get extra hair growth due to the surge in hormones. During this time, a woman’s hair tends to skip the normal phase which causes some strands to fall out so new growth can take hold. Once those levels return to normal after giving birth, all of that extra hair goes into the “resting phase” of the normal hair growth cycle around the same time, causing hair loss.

What You Can Do About it

New moms often stress about maintaining their appearance without worrying about hair loss. This problem isn’t usually bad enough to require a wig, but some new moms may get temporary extensions to fill out their look. Others turn to volumizing products like mousse or conditioners that make the hair look more ample. However, your best bet might be to go to a salon and visit with a hair stylist who could give you a look that would make it easy to hide hair loss.

Breastfeed Away

Some new moms worry that their post-pregnancy hair loss is related to the choice to breastfeed, but there is no indication that the two have any relation. If your hair loss hasn’t slowed down by the time your new baby is one year old, or if you have significant balding, your hair loss may be a sign of another underlying condition and it could be time to call the doctor. Otherwise, filling the drain in the shower
after pregnancy is completely normal and to be expected!

Even if it’s temporary, losing your hair is an emotional experience—your hair helps you feel feminine and beautiful. Our high-quality wigs are hand-tied, which creates a more natural look. At Transitions of Wisconsin, we know you’ll love your custom wig because we start by listening to you. If you’re interested in scheduling a free consultation, contact us today!

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