Is Hair Loss Caused by Genetics?
02 / 13 / 18

Is Hair Loss Caused by Genetics?

Suffering from hair loss is difficult for both men and women. While many factors cause hair loss, one of the reasons for a loss of hair is genetics. Simply being born into a family that has a history of hair loss may determine whether or not offspring has hair loss as well.

DNA, Genes and Chromosomes

Our DNA is what gives us certain physical and personality traits. A gene is a segment of DNA that is passed down from parents to children and confers a trait to the offspring. These genes make up chromosomes, with one set from the father and the other set from the mother. It’s what makes people who they are, and while each person is an individual, each still inherits traits from the parents, including eye color, height and a predisposition to hair loss.

Genetics and Heredity

Because DNA can be tested for information about genomes and what traits a person is predisposed to, both men and women can gain insight into hair loss.

According to two separate studies, there is a tiny area on chromosome 20 called 20p11. Balding has been attributed to this chromosome, and according to numerous studies, 80 percent of hair loss is due to genetics.

There is both female and male hair loss. In men, it is called male pattern baldness, but in females it is known as androgenic or androgenetic alopecia. Due to heredity and genetics, if a family has male members with male pattern hair loss, it is possible that the women within that family will be more prone to androgenic or androgenetic alopecia.

A Solution

For those experiencing hair loss, hair restoration and hair replacement solutions work for all types of hair loss, including loss caused by genetics. Seeing a hair restoration specialist gives options for women and men such as nonsurgical hair replacement, laser hair-loss treatment, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy and hair transplants, as well as hair systems and wigs.

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Photo Credit: RoyalAnwar Via Pixabay