Dispelling Myths
03 / 27 / 18

Dispelling Myths About Split Ends and Hair Repair

Your hair serves various functional and aesthetic purposes from providing warmth to offering a way to express beauty. Hair that has split ends can make your hair look dry and unkempt, as well as lower your confidence. As such, it is important to get to the root of the problem. While there are many treatments on the market that claim to get rid of split ends, a better understanding about split ends will help you dispel common myths and learn about the only way to repair split ends.

Frizzy Hair Has Split Ends

Although splits can make hair look dry and hard to style, frizzy hair is something altogether different. If you have frizzy hair, it may just be a characteristic of the type of hair you have. Split ends, also known as trichoptilosis, can happen to anyone regardless of hair type. When the outer cuticle of the hair becomes damaged then the hair can split.

Only People with Long Hair Get Split Ends

Many people believe that only those with long hair get split ends. But, curly hair tends to be much drier and more prone to damage. Whether short, long, thin, thick, wavy or curly, splits ends are a common hair health problem. That’s because many factors cause split ends including styling practices (e.g., over-shampooing, heat styling), chemical treatments (perms, color treatments) and the environment (e.g., pollution, the sun).

Split Hairs Always Occur at the Ends of Strands

When most people think of split ends, they think of the common y-shaped separation that occurs at the very tip of the strand of hairs. However, your hair can split in the middle of a strand and even near the scalp. In addition, hair can split into different patterns such as multiple splits or the appearance of white spots. In fact, there are 16 different types of split ends.

Split Ends Can Be Bonded Together

It’s important to stop split ends because they can cause further damage to hair. From conditioners to magic hair elixirs, there are many products on the market that claim to bond split ends back together. However, split ends involve irreversible damage. Other than helping to restore moisture to dry hair, these products are ineffective at fixing split ends.

In spite of the many myths out there about hair care products, there is no miracle cure for split ends. Split ends affect most people at one time or another regardless of the type of hair. Dry hair, which often leads to split ends, is easy to prevent. In any case, trichologists agree that there is only one way to effectively get rid of split ends: cutting.

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Photo Credit: lightstargod Via Pixabay