07 / 10 / 18

Saltwater: Good or Bad for Hair?

Most people feel that their hair looks amazing after a day at the beach. However, some new research shows that if you actually drink saltwater every single day, some conditions related to hair loss can improve significantly. Keep reading to find out about this natural hair loss remedy.

Dermatitis and Atopic Eczema

The study focused on these two troubling conditions. Both can cause scalps to be itchy, turn red and in the worst cases, scalps can even swell up. All that scratching and discomfort can lead to significant hair loss. The preliminary research before the study showed that many people with this condition have an imbalance of minerals. Researchers were curious to know what would happen if sufferers of this condition were able to balance their mineral nutrition.

Nature’s Vitamin

33 patients participated in this study in which they drank sea water every day for six months. It turns out that the mineral content of ocean water was just what they needed. Levels of important minerals like potassium and selenium increased while levels of toxic minerals like mercury decreased. At the end of the study, 27 out of the 33 participants saw at least some improvement in their hair!

It’s Good for Everyone

Not only is sea water great for anyone with a problematic hair condition but it can be good for keeping everyone’s hair healthy. Ocean water has a high salt content that strips oil and grease from hair, acting as a natural shampoo. The salt also exfoliates your scalp which is why you feel great after a day at the beach! Saltwater is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal which can help with usual problems like dandruff. Chlorinated pools can actually lead to more hair loss, even in healthy people, if you use them repeatedly, so a trip to the beach may be better for everyone.

Who knew that keeping your locks healthy and plentiful was so easy as a breezy day at the beach. If you needed another reason to get out to the ocean, this one is a great cause. If keeping your hair healthy is a concern for you or if you’re experiencing hair loss, Transitions of Wisconsin specializes in proven hair loss treatment and hair restoration solutions for men, women and children. If you’re interested in scheduling a free consultation, contact us today!

Photo Credit: adamkontor Via Pixabay