Use Coconut Oil in Your Hair
08 / 07 / 18

5 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil in Your Hair

Coconut oil is full of vitamins and fatty acids and has many benefits for hair. It is easy and quick to use to get a beneficial effect. Read on for 5 reasons to start using coconut oil in your hair.

It’s a Good Moisturizer

The weather can have a drying out effect on hair. Wind and salt water can damage the follicles, leading to dry and difficult to manage hair. Using coconut oil on hair is a quick way to moisturize and condition, leaving the hair shiny.

Coconut Oil Helps Hair Grow Faster

The fatty acid and vitamin containing properties in coconut oil work on the scalp by conditioning, removing sebum build up. This stimulates the growth of hair faster and longer, and beautifully conditioned. After shampooing and conditioning hair, a small amount of oil can be massaged into the scalp to promote growth.

It’s a Deep Conditioner

Coconut oil contains small to medium chain fatty acids. This means that when it is applied to the hair it penetrates deeper and faster than a standard conditioner. It can also be used as a leave in treatment to repair split ends and damaged hair. Coconut oil is highly effective and leaves hair shining after deep treatment.

Antibacterial Properties

Hair can attract bacteria leading to conditions like dandruff. Lice is another problem for hair. Coconut oil is a practical solution to this problem as it contains antibacterial properties and can help protect against dandruff build up. Lauric acid occurs naturally in coconut oil and can help kill lice. However it does not completely eradicate nits so needs to be used in combination with other products.

Coconut Oil Detangles Hair

People with long or curly hair can and do experience tangles. One of the most practical uses of coconut oil is as a detangler. By applying a small amount of melted coconut oil to the hair length, it helps smooth out tangles.

Coconut oil is a versatile and natural product that is beneficial to hair health. With so many uses for coconut oil, it should be a part of your beauty regime.

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Photo Credit: DanaTentis Via Pixabay