Lighter, Cooler, More Comfortable Natural-Looking Wigs

European Hair Wigs Will Make You Feel Beautiful

Lighter, Cooler, More Comfortable Natural-Looking Wigs

European Hair Wigs and Human Hair Wigs were designed because one in four women will experience thinning hair and/or hair loss in their lifetime and millions more will suffer as a result of chemotherapy and other medical reasons. Feel empowered and regain your confidence with a custom, handmade wig that helps you look and feel like yourself.
What’s the difference between us and a traditional fashion wig store? At Transitions of Wisconsin, we create custom solutions for everyone that walks through our doors. Our hand-crafted wigs are one-of-a-kind and made with you, and only you, in mind. You never have to settle for pre-made wigs that “may” work for you.

Losing your hair is an emotional experience—your hair helps you feel feminine and beautiful. Our high-quality wigs are hand-tied, which creates a more natural look. They are lighter, cooler, and more comfortable than traditional wigs, so you’ll want to wear it—and no one will notice it’s not your own hair.

Look in the Mirror and See Yourself

We want to help you find the comfort that comes with looking and feeling like yourself. We will create a wig for you that is exactly what you want. Whether you’re losing your hair due to Alopecia, Chemotherapy, Lupus, or Trichotillomania, we’ll find a solution that fits you perfectly. We’ll start by recommending the best type of wig for your lifestyle—encouraging you to choose any hairstyle you wish.

Transitions Human Hair – the finest hair available in the world. It is naturally airy, light, and bouncy, and can easily be curled and styled.
Virgin European – hair that is completely unprocessed and in its natural state. You can bleach, dye, and process virgin hair just as you would natural hair. Virgin hair is softer and lighter than processed hair and has a natural depth of tone.
Synthetic Fiber – typically the best option for women undergoing chemotherapy and for those who prefer not to style their own hair.

Creating and Styling a One-of-a-Kind Human Hair Wig for You

Our highly-trained professionals design your wig by recreating your natural hairstyle as closely as possible, so that no one will notice a difference from your real hair. Find comfort in knowing you can do everyday tasks such as exercising or walking into the wind with ease and your wig will stay in place and look natural.

European Hair Wigs | Human Hair Wigs

On your first appointment, we will evaluate and measure your scalp, get a sample of your hair (if possible), and get your input and preferences to design a wig that is nearly identical to your natural hair. Each fitting includes a personal, one-on-one appointment with confidential service and a private styling room.

After your wig arrives, we’ll schedule a private fitting with your professional stylist and the two of you will sit down to discuss your styling options. Our staff at Transitions is extraordinarily talented in styling our top-of-the-line wigs. We’ll show you how to care for your new wig—from washing to styling it—with confidence.

We know you’ll love your custom wig because we start by listening to you. Trust us to be your support system from your initial consultation, to the moment you first try your wig on, and beyond. Women we’ve created wigs for continue to refer us year after year—read our testimonials and view our gallery to see incredible transformations.

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